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Children's Etiquette

It is never too early to introduce dining skills, presentation and first impression. Your children have learned so much from you, but now it’s time to let them further explore the history of etiquette. Our classes help children to understand how using manners will help make them make new friends, honor their parents’ advice, and make them look like independent and confident young people who will feel secure in every situation. Our interactive, fun and exciting role playing games and activities will leave an impression that they will have forever.

Our two current children's programs are Dining Etiquette and Social Etiquette.  You can take either class first, but the Dining Etiquette program is so important as it encompasses so many areas involving an every day event, eating.  A child's behavior (deportment), in school, at a friends house, at a restaurant makes an impression on others.  Our program let's a child understand how powerful they are, how much their behavior affects others, for good and for bad.  When they feel the confidence and power that their positive behavior has on others, they will be much more inclined to us their power for good!

We want to help kids begin to show signs of independence; things like:

  • doing chores and helping out without being asked,
  • opening a door for someone whose hands are full because they are being observant and considerate
  • being courteous to new people they meet with a proper hello and handshake
  • saying thank you to friends, family and acquaintances when someone does something for them
  • saying I'm sorry when wrong and understanding that just being sorry is not enough,  they need to ask how you can make things right and really care that there was a mistake and want to correct it
  • enjoying the knowledge of dining and holding silverware in an adult way, like ladies and gentlemen
  • being comfortable in any situation knowing where all your dining utensils, glasses and plates are on the table

PROGRAM 1    (1.5 Hour Program)
 Dining Etiquette:

  • Understanding and Using Napkins, Utensils, Stemware
  • Using American & Continental Style Dining
  • Passing Food & Condiments
  • Navigating the Bread & Butter Plate
  • Gaining Soup Savvy
  • Managing the Dessert Fork and Spoon
  • $75 per student

PROGRAM 2   (1.5 Hour Program)
Social Etiquette:

  • Making Proper Introductions
  • Presenting Correct Handshakes and Making Eye Contact
  • Being a Great Guest - Greetings, Please & Thank You's
  • The importance of Sportsmanship
  • Following House Rules and Respecting Property
  • Opening Gifts with Grace
  • Writing Thank You Notes
  • $75 per student

Social Etiquette - Behavior Rules - 3 Day Program (Saturdays - 1 hour each class)

$150 per student for 3 classes

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