Corporate Etiquette

Cocktail Party Etiquette & Networking

In the world of business, networking is everything. Among the most valuable venues for networking are after-hours business cocktail parties and receptions.  These events provide opportunities for meeting new people and establishing relationships. The key is knowing how to work the event.
That's right. Work.  Just because an event takes place after hours doesn't mean you're off the clock. In fact, the time you spend at an event may be the most valuable time you put in that day and in your career.

Remember that you are always on display.  You are not just attending an event, you are making an impression.  Executives are always looking for budding professionals who knew how to make the most of the moment versus those who only had eyes for the open bar and buffet.

This program will teach you to:

  • Enter a room with style
  • Introduce yourself and others properly
  • Shake hands properly
  • Serve yourself and enjoy appetizers with style
  • Balancing appetizer plate/wine/and business cards keeping right hand free
  • The art of business card presentation
  • The art of conversation
  • Body language and signals
  • Making toasts at events
  • Cell phone etiquette at events​


In Center:  2 hour program
$85/person   Minimum 6 students

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Do you want to make a good impression the next time attend a business cocktail party?  Hold your wine, your appetizer plate, napkin, business cards, and shake hands all with style and seamless professionalism.  Conversation, body language and empowerment make this a "power class"!