Meet the Trainers

Robin Wells, President

Meet Robin Wells, President of Etiquette Manor Alabama who is a proud member of the IAPC (International Association of Protocol Consultants) and graduate of the American School of Protocol, as well as President of Pinpoint Marketing Team & Corporate Image Consulting.  With 25 years of marketing and corporate image consulting experience, Ms. Wells has worked with multinational companies in a multitude of industries assisting them with their marketing and training needs and with Etiquette Manor in Miami has taught over 2,500 children and hundreds of adults in the art of dining, social skills, style and presentation.   ‚Äč

We look forward to bringing the art of presentation to every age student.  Our classes will instill a sense of confidence and empower individuals to be comfortable in any situation, from interviewing to dining at any special event or restaurant.  Hands on, interactive, real life situations make our programs memorable, fun and life changing.  It's not how you hold your fork as much it is how much you are aware of yourself and others.  Consideration for others is the focus of every class and once you give yourself the tools that instill confidence, the sooner you can stop worrying about "you" and start making a difference in your relationships, corporate and social.

 "The secret to success is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and learning from your mistakes and being true to yourself.  I know my strengths, but more importantly I have acknowledged and turned my weaknesses into strengths...I, like everyone else, have flaws and strive to improve myself and my presentation.  I learn something new everyday, and I never know who I will learn it from.  I know I enjoy helping others and hope my experiences help others  - the confidence we give them will help them achieve the once unthinkable.  Nothing is more rewarding, I love my job, everyday."

James "Scotty" Scott, Executive Trainer

James Scott is a sales and marketing professional who knows the importance of presentation.  With a background in sales, customer service and marketing, his training programs focus on presentation, client interactions and making a great first impression.  Teaching our men's classes as well as Dining in Style and Corporate Programs, Scotty brings an energetic and empowering program to college students and adults alike.

Formerly in Coral Gables, Florida

HQ - Tuscaloosa, Alabama