The Process

Formerly in Coral Gables, Florida

HQ - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Etiquette Manor Alabama is a full service training and consulting service that teaches adults the fine art of corporate and social etiquette, customer service, and presentation skills.  

Featuring private classes and special events, students will be comfortable and feel empowered while they learn skills that enhance their presentation in social and business settings.  

Meet Robin Wells

Meet Robin Wells, President of Etiquette Manor Alabama who is a proud member of the IAPC (International Association of Protocol Consultants) and graduate of the American School of Protocol, as well as President of robinFORD Marketing & Corporate Image Consulting.  With 25 years of marketing and corporate image consulting experience, Ms. Wells has worked with multinational companies in a multitude of industries and has taught over 2,500 children and hundreds of adults in the art of dining, social skills, style and presentation.   

For some, whose lives are made up of logic and concrete processes, creativity and inspiration are very foreign concepts. For Robin Wells, creativity and inspiration are her world.

“In my marketing role, I don't know exactly how it happens,” she says, “but I will be listening to someone describe his/her business and how he/she got started, or I will be in their store and they will be telling me about their products, customers or a project they worked on, and suddenly I will see images of ads or stationery or websites with colors and fonts and other elements that convey the character of the person or product or brand identity. It's like people who hear music in colors. I translate what I hear and feel from an entrepreneur into images and concepts that capture the character of the business. And then will build the tools to put those images into a campaign to market the business and to create a brand. It's what I do and it works.  It works that coming up with simple ways to teach adults etiquette and social skills - memorable programs and practice lessons that work - custom for each student's needs.”

Wells has been doing what she does as an entrepreneur herself since she established robinFORD Marketing as a corporate image and brand consulting business in 2001. After more than a decade of progressive career development in a number of national and international businesses, Wells decided to leave the corporate world and its bureaucracy and start her own consulting business. Over the past 15 years, she has helped clients grow their businesses, using both her inspiration and her perspiration in the process.  From marketing and branding needs to training and social skills programs for employees.

“One of the great things about running your own business is that you have the flexibility to decide and design your business to reflect your personality. I don't have all the resources of a billion-dollar corporation, but neither do I have its creaking organizational structure that makes it take forever to get something done. So I offer my creativity and my responsiveness - neither of which can be replicated in some large firm - as my points of differentiation. My ideas are unique, which is valuable in itself. But then I will often turn around concepts, and even deliverables, to a client overnight. Sometimes I'm working in the wee hours but when I've got an idea burning a hole in my head I probably couldn't sleep until I had it down on paper anyhow,” says Wells.

The client list Wells maintains is limited so she can work closely with her clients and spend the necessary amount of time to ensure quality.  The other reason Wells limits the number of paying clients is to allow herself to engage in charitable, or “pro bono", work. She has given substantial time to, among others, Gulliver Academy, the Women's Cancer Association of the University of Miami, The YMCA of Tuscaloosa, The Girls Scouts of AMerica and the Christopher Ricardo Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“I have been blessed with a wonderful and healthy family and a great life,” she says, “where I get to meet very talented and interesting people and get to exercise my imagination and passion for creativity. When I see an opportunity to give back to my community or to help courageous people deal with difficult situations, I am glad that my work and my family allow me to contribute my talents that way.”

With a client list, past and present, that ranges from CareVantage, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama, Miami Yacht and Engine Works, Cookies by Design, to Trump International, Bellezza Day Spa, Bliss, BDP International, and so many other prestigious firms, Wells has established herself in the brand and image consulting marketplace as the “Go to Girl!”  It's not just marketing by "producing materials", it's a complete package that starts with the person (the owner or client), listening to them, hearing what they are saying and telling their best story, representing their brand perfectly and teaching their staff to make success seem effortless.  

 "The secret to success is knowing your strengths and weaknesses, learning from your mistakes and being true to yourself.  I know my strengths, but more importantly I have turned a weakness into a strength...I know I need to be needed - and helping others, no matter how I can help, feeds that need...I love my job, everyday."