Wedding Etiquette

On your special day, no matter the style or size of your wedding, you will be dining in the presence of many wide eyed guests! You will be the center of attention with everyone every move. When making your wedding plans, be sure to prepare yourself, your future groom and your wedding party to be the toast of the town by remembering the importance of appropriate social and dining skills.  Etiquette Manor Alabama offers a 90 minute “Wedding Etiquette” program to singles, couples or groups covering the following topics: 

  • Understanding and Using Continental Style Dining (European)/American Style Dining
  • Flatware Finesse
  • Stemware Style
  • Napkin Knowledge
  • Bread and Butter Basics
  • Soup Savvy
  • Dessert Fork and Dessert Spoon
  • Toasting Tips and Etiquette


For the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Surprise your guests with a well prepared Bridal Party, even the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer!

$45 per Child

  • Confidence Training
  • Practice Walking with Props
  • Shaking Hands and Meeting Guests

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